J. Cole - School Daze

Posted on May 26, 2024 by J. Cole

J. Cole - School Daze Mp3 Download — Very well regarded and Gifted superstar, comes out shining with a brand new solitary titled “School Daze“. The track is quickly readily available on all streaming platforms. It is no doubt that the music is a unbelievably addictive jam, update your playlist with School Daze Song and delight in.

The new single “School Daze” by J. Cole, the West sensation, is quickly readily available now!

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The new solitary “J. Cole - School Daze” is an remarkable song dedicated to the enthusiasts and enthusiasts of the music. It is a pleasant cruise track for your relaxation and listening satisfaction.

This sensational hit track been supplied it’s external tutorial from a various remarkable singers and songwriters.

The delightful new track “J. Cole - School Daze” is a observe-up to his new smash track and is an fantastic music that you wouldn’t want to move up at all.

This remarkable vibe will definitely get you entangled in no time at all.

Meanwhile, the fantastic new melody is an fantastic track that will definitely be worthy of a posture on your playlist if you are a lover of excellent music.

Song Information

Name: School Daze
Category: West
Artist: J. Cole
Album: The Come Up
Release Year: 2007
Duration: 3:52
Size: 5.31 MB
Source: YouTube

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The track "School Daze" is a loveable track that was very well published and composed. The School Daze by J. Cole is an brilliant track that you won't be able to afford to pay for to pass up.

On top of that, the outstanding solitary capabilities Award-successful music star, J. Cole who sent an awesome verse.

In conclusion, the track "School Daze" was generated by gifted music producer, J. Cole.

Here is an historical track titled School Daze. Due to the fact its past drop the track has large downloads. Update lovers converse about this track like it was yesterday it was dropped.

Additional persons have been downloading this track at substantial. When J. Cole - School Daze song plays, persons tend to dance at substantial. Persons willingly download this hit track. Believe that me this track will swap that favourite in you product. J. Cole - School Daze is a banger download it as soon as possible.

The well known and persuasive track “School Daze” was place alongside one another by J. Cole, and about time has develop into fans’ beloved and is generally on their lips with fascinating dance moves.

He delivers in J. Cole who lend their voice and creativeness to deliver an intriguing masterpiece.

J. Cole - School Daze Lyric

Take ya'll back to them school days, yeah
Fayettenam, what up, man?

We came a long way from sticking move
Niggas skipping school, just to scrap over bullshit
Nigga if you lose, it's a wrap, them hoes clowning
It goes down in the lunch room
I'm tryna spit this game nigga, fuck food
Bust moves to the hallway
My niggas posted on the wall, always
Ain't thinking about class, dog, my ass tryna parle

If we had this shit our way
We be standing here all day
But look the principal's coming, give pounds then we all escape

All late to class with fake passes
Living life in the fast lane, but ain't passing
They dreaming, tryna be the next Jay-Z and Damon Dashes
I ain't even open my book and it's time to change classes
Walk straight past my ex and don't speak
It's all good, probably have a new ex by next week
I just think, the shit we did was silly, yo, I know that
But what I wouldn't give to go back

Yea, Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Yea, I sit and wish I was a kid again
Yea I sit and wish

Yo, I walk another nigga girl to her class, with my hand on her ass
If he say 'what up' later, I just laugh
Real sneaky yo, gotta keep it low
Up in math, let my nigga read this real freaky note Kiki wrote, yea
Hooping up in P.E. you can't see me on this gym flow
But damn Vanessa booty looking sick up in them gym shorts
Uh, we bag 'em up, ya'll niggas gonna have to wait
So they passing hate like, 'Damn I can't wait 'til they graduate'

But some of my niggas will probably never make it
The S.A.T. shit man I doubt they ever take it, 'cause
Instead of tryna send a nigga to a tutor
Them guidance counselors tryna introduce us to recruiters, it's a set-up
Momma cut the light on, "Time to get up"
Make sure the shirt matching the forces then I head out
At the time I thought this shit was so whack
But what I wouldn't give to go back
Yea, hey

Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Yea, I sit and wish I was a kid again
Yea I sit and wish

I'm a little grown, but still reminisce
Close your eyes nigga, you remember this?
Friday night football game, something I'll forever miss
After parties in the gym, grinding underneath the rim
You forgot your school I.d.? Fuck, nigga, you ain't getting in

In the hallways acting like some hoodlums
See that scrap? Naw, damn I always miss the good ones
Them rumors spreading fast with that he say she say
Twenty people on the phone cause everybody did three-way
Man we played them girls for the fools, but
Wasn't no ladies like them ladies from other schools
'Cause seeing them same old chicks got tired quick
She was just fucking my boy, now she all on my dick, gossip, damn

Another chick pregnant, another nigga gone
I reminisce on all the chicks a nigga never bone
Pardon me ya'll I'm just flipping through some Kodaks
Sitting, wishing I could go back

Yea, Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Yea, I sit and wish I was a kid again
Yea I sit and wish, man

Yeah, this shit is dedicated to all my niggas man
R.J., Mike Shaw, Jim Brown, yea, B. Nasty, Big Joe
Smitty, What's good? Yea
Terry Sanford High School, E. Smith
Class of 2003, that's me
I know y'all remember this

Final Words

This track has by now started off building big trend. The track has beneficial language which acceptable for all age. School Daze - J. Cole is pursuing to keep on being suitable in the playlist of music enthusiasts. The artist place in more exertion on this track. Lovers are greatly energized with this new rhythm.

Never wait around for another person to participate in it for you. Know this track by on your own. Never let it move your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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