Lil Yachty - Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)

Posted on May 25, 2024 by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty - Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron) Mp3 Download — Effectively-identified and Proficient superstar, comes out shining with a brand new one particular titled “Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)“. The music is obtainable on all streaming platforms. It is no doubt that the music is a actually addictive jam, update your playlist with Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron) Song and get satisfaction in.

The new single “Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)” by Lil Yachty, the West sensation, is obtainable now!

Download Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron) - Lil Yachty Mp3

The new one particular “Lil Yachty - Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)” is an exceptional song dedicated to the supporters and supporters of the music. It is a excellent cruise music for your relaxation and listening satisfaction.

This sensational hit music acquired it’s external aid from a handful of effectively identified singers and songwriters.

The delightful new music “Lil Yachty - Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)” is a stick to-up to his most recent smash music and is an excellent music that you wouldn’t want to forget about at all.

This exceptional vibe will undoubtedly get you entangled in no time at all.

Meanwhile, the outstanding new melody is an excellent music that will undoubtedly be effectively well worth a location on your playlist if you are a lover of outstanding music.

Song Information

Name: Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)
Category: West
Artist: Lil Yachty
Album: Michigan Boy Boat
Release Year: 2021
Duration: 2:53
Size: 3.96 MB
Source: YouTube

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The music "Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)" is a loveable music that was effectively composed and composed. The Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron) by Lil Yachty is an great music that you can not manage to overlook.

In addition, the remarkable one functions Award-profitable music star, Lil Yachty who shipped an remarkable verse.

In conclusion, the music "Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)" was made by proficient music producer, Lil Yachty.

Here is an historical music titled Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron). Given that its previous drop the music has enormous downloads. Update supporters discuss about this music like it was yesterday it was dropped.

A lot more folks have been downloading this music at huge. Every time Lil Yachty - Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron) track plays, folks tend to dance at huge. Folks willingly download this hit music. Feel me this music will substitute that favourite in you unit. Lil Yachty - Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron) is a banger download it immediately.

The well-known and powerful track “Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)” was set collectively by Lil Yachty, and above time has grow to be fans’ favourite and is often on their lips with charming dance moves.

He provides in Lil Yachty who lend their voice and creative imagination to deliver an intriguing masterpiece.

Lil Yachty - Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron) Lyric

What's up, Boat?
Ayy, ayy

Track two's got me euro-steppin' like I'm ball playin'
If it's smoke, we gon' send some shots and leave 'em crossfaded
Snitches get stitches, like shit, that's the law ain't it?
Demolition man, in your bitch crib, wall breakin'
You beggin' for the sauce, I don't wanna hear you talk, Plankton (shut up)
Right side the dubs, my left pocket all Franklin's
Chains tri-color, but the buffies, yeah, they Caucasian
God bless the skin, free my babies fightin' fraud cases
Newest Bape, I got it zipped up, she see the rivet in me
2016, I made a killin' off Vanilla gifties
Five years later, self-scan, still it hit for fifty
Hitter finna drop a UAV, really got killers with me
Hi-C, deuce of Wock', Y-3, newest Crocs
Five fiends by two o-clock, hypebeast, Gucci socks
Side street, losin' the cops, try me, they shootin' Glocks
Trickin' on a picky bitch, like do you like these shoes or not?
Bro retarded, but will scribble somethin' like he DoodleBob
Used to do the ramen, it's two hundred dollar noodles now
Lil' smart bitch from U of M, she got some stupid top
Unky got some strong dog in, you can't poodle shop
Garlic rib dinner, it's takeout from the crab house
If we don't see you, stake out at your man's house
Finna look like a switchblade, finna stab out
Zip of turtle pie to the face, I might pass out
Line lil' boujee, all my bitches got a bad mouth
You didn't wanna fight in middle school, you wanna scrap now?
Put your hands down and point to, I'm pullin' MAG out
He had dog shit from EDD, but he ran out
Lil Boat, BabyTron, Bad Boys, '89
Exotic pop muddy, got me walkin' round like Frankenstein
Off-White ones up like Jordan back in '85
Prices goin' up for a vid', you gotta pay me five

How I up a Rolls and Benz at the same time?
How the hell is niggas gangsters graduatin' from St. John's?
I'ont follow no one on the road, I paint my own lines
Twenty gifties tryna swipe a Chevy, gotta make it mine
Twenty-three, done made like thirty million, you could check my taxes
Only lettin' bitches be the runners, yes, I am a sexist
Diamond teeth all throughout my mouth, cost a starter Lexus
Late night, just put her on G6, now she on a Pegasus
I'm Martin Luther in a room full of Malcolm X's
Really rich, them niggas with they moms, I am not your exes
Chalkin' ice, all throughout my cup, it's like a game of Tetris
Niggas bitin' everything I do, yes, I am too infectious (go)
If I lose it, give a fuck, I buy another one
Spent a hundred K a hundred times, bitch, I'm Venita son
All these niggas actin' just like me, shit, I don't need a son
Fifty niggas all surround my car, like I don't need a gun
Spit shit that have 'em too sick, thinkin' he the one
Pop him in his face mid-day, you could still see the sun
Five-star top tier bitches, doin' store runs
Ran out of bullets, don't reload, just go buy more guns
Might go up my lil' sister with a .41
Niggas said I'm gettin' rich, they broke and forty-one
Your bitch love to suck dick, leave it on her tongue
Hate to be the one tell you the truth, dawg, I know it's dumb
Damn, couldn't have been my bitch
Play with my name, they in a hoodie like they from Highbridge
New Maybach eco-friendly, yes, it's hybrid
Glock 19 come off the hip just like a sidekick
Bitch, what's my name, what's my name?
Bro kitchen only got chickens like Raising Cane's
These niggas grew up with riches, never felt pain
Superman pills got me lookin' round for Lois Lane

Know it's us

Final Words

This music has presently started out producing large trend. The music has optimistic language which ideal for all age. Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron) - Lil Yachty is pursuing to continue to be pertinent in the playlist of music fans. The artist set in added energy on this music. Supporters are broadly fired up with this new rhythm.

Really don't hold out for a person to engage in it for you. Know this music by oneself. Really don't let it go your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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